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of Tomorrow

Deep learning research lab, since 2020

Be Anyone

With Molly, users can swap their voice and face with celebrities for pranks & fun. We pioneered speech-to-speech conversion and real-time face swap technology on mobile.

AI Chatbot

We’re building a friendly AI chatbot that helps users to have someone to talk to with in-app purchases for extended topics. The general purpose of the service is to advance a better conversational model.

...and More

Research & technologies that we’re working on will allow us to build additional several apps. Entertaining, creative, fun, and social. Stay tuned!

We’re Always Open
for Collaboration

  • Voice

    Replicate any voices

  • TTS

    Emotional voice cloning driven by text

  • LipSync

    Replace audio with human lips in any video

  • Face Swap

    Realistic state-of-the-art identity swap

  • NLP

    Chatbots that don’t chat like bots